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Barcode & QR Code

Convert information into barcodes or QR codes and embed them in the drawing

Tool Palettes

Drag and use mechanical, architectural, electrical blocks; store custom blocks

Data Extraction

Create and update tables made with data of objects for better data organization and analysis

Layout Export

Export visible objects from the layout to the model space

File Compare

Spot the differences between two drawings at once

Settings Migration

Migrate customized settings from earlier versions (ZWCAD 2018/2019) to the latest version

Express Tools

More handy drawing tools are available

Undo Snapshot

Preview and go back to any of the previous steps

Digital Signature

Ensure original and reliable source of drawing data

Super Hatch

Hatch with blocks, Xrefs, images, etc.

More Functions

2D Drafting

> Auto-complete Command Input

> Blocks

> MLeaders

> Layer Properties Manager

> Attribute Blocks

> MText

> External Reference

> Images

> Tables

> Associative Dimension

> Revision Cloud

> PDF Underlay Manger

> Cycle Selection

> Zoom and Pan

Advanced Tools

> Lisp Debugger

> Object Isolation

> PDF and DWFx Underlay

> Insert OLE Objects

> Quick Calculator

> Match Property

> Block Attribute Manager

> Annotative Objects

3D Features

> Modeling

> Viewing

> Visualizing


> Print with STB/CTB Plot Style

> Print or Publish in Other Formats

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